ELO Remixes Vol. 1

01-Don't Bring Me Down (ReDrum) (SE) (Doc Adam Edit)  3.22

02-EviI Woman (Professor LaCroix Instant Disco Mix)  5.07

03-Last Train To London (ReDrum) (SE) (Doc Adam Edit)  3.00

04-Livin' Thing (Ultrasound 12inch Version)  5.21

05-Long Black Road (Spiral Tribe Extended)  5.56

06-Lucky Motel (Spiral Tribe Extended)  4.49

07-Mr. Blue Sky (C-G's Comes Mr Night Edit)  9.50

08-One Day (Spiral Tribe Extended)  5.47

09-Out Of Luck (eMeS Extended Mix)  4.15

10-Queen Of The Hours (Light Version)  3.22

11-Rock'n'Roll Is King (Paulo Betinho Remix)  3.21

12-Roll Over Beethoven (Extended Version)  7.52

13-Shangri-la (Extended Manintheclinic Mix)  7.53

14-Strange Magic (ReDrum) (SE) (Doc Adam Edit)  2.38

15-Tears In Your Life (eMeS Extended Mix)  5.47




ELO Remixes Vol. 2

01-Above The Clouds (Alt Mix)  3.34

02-All She Wandet (Extended Remix)  3.46

03-Believe Me Now (Remix 2000)  2.57

04-Calling America (Extended Bill Version)  3.57

05-Cold Feet (eMeS Extended Mix)  4.20

06-Don't Bring Me Down (Select Mix Remix)  4.39

07-Evil Woman (Select Mix Remix)  4.46

08-Hello My Old Friend (Special Remix)  5.36

09-Hold On Tight (Dj Master Traxx Extended Hold On Edit)  8.37

10-Last Train To London (DJ Jeff Mix)  6.02

11-Mr. Blue Sky (BWX Remix)  5.46

12-One Day (eMeS Extended Mix)  5.00

13-Ordinary Dream (Orchestral Version)  3.32

14-Rock'n'Roll Is King (DJ Mysza Mix)  6.11

15-So Serious (BillWX Brings The Orchestra V2)  2.51

16-The Whale (Atmosphere Mix)  6.19


ELO Remixes Vol. 3

01-A Long Time Gone (Alt Remix)  3.15

02-Believe Me Now (Extended Version)  6.26

03-Calling America (Extended Mix)  5.24

04-Don't Bring Me Down (Ultimix Remix)  5.34

05-Evil Woman (Proper Songs Ha Ha Reedit)  7.39

06-Last Train To London (ReDrum) (Doc Adam Edit)  4.14

07-Long Black Road (Bridge Remix)  3.40

08-Mandalay (Xennt Mix)  1.59

09-Mr. Blue Sky (BlackRoomRe-Constructions Mix)  7.44

10-One Summer Dream (Rerecorded Mix)  4.26

11-Point Of No Return (Wilbury Steve Mix)  3.26

12-Rock'n'Roll Is King (Char Mix)  3.13

13-Shine A Little Love (Dj Oz The Long Extended Version)  8.06

14-Standin' In The Rain (Xennt Mix)  2.29

15-Sweet Talkin' Woman (Homerun Edit)  3.22

16-Twilight (Bill Extended Mix)  4.59


ELO Remixes Vol. 4

01-Above The Clouds (Remix)  3.27

02-Bluebird (Alt Guitar Solo Mix)  5.19

03-Calling America (Remix)  6.41

04-Don't Bring Me Down (AudioDile's Breakdown)  7.26

05-Evil Woman (ITB Edit)  6.38

06-Getting To The Point (Extended Mix)  6.00

07-Heaven Only Knows (High Res. Version)  3.01

08-Jungle (Rainforest Mix)  6.06

09-Last Train To London (Long Drive Mix)  6.05

10-Love Changes All (Extended Version)  4.10

11-Mr. Blue Sky (Xennt Mix)  2.46

12-Ordinary Dream (V2 Version)  3.48

13-Rockaria! (BWX '06 Mix)  4.04

14-Rock'n'Roll Is King (White Label Mix)  3.22

15-Showdown (Dex Dubious Mix)  7.31


ELO Remixes Vol. 5

01-All Over The World (Rock It Mix)  7.08

02-Calling America (Extended Phone Mix)  5.09

03-Caught In A Trap (Extended Mix)  5.38

04-Don't Bring Me Down (Classics Party Rockers Mix)  4.42

05-Hold On Tight (Remix)  3.51

06-Just For Love (WX Mix)  3.37

07-Laredo Tornado (Mix)  5.55

08-Livin' Thing (Chris' Ultimate Disco Mix)  4.31

09-Lucky Motel (eMeS Extended Mix)  3.16

10-Mr. Blue Sky (Xennt Mix Extended)  3.43

11-One Day (12" Extended Remix)  4.14

12-Rock'n'Roll Is King (Extended Version)  5.11

13-Shangri-la (Piano Mix)  7.24

14-So Serious (Extended Mix)  4.13

15-Ticket To The Moon (String Edit Alt Ending)  4.33


ELO Remixes Vol. 6

01-Alright (Extended Version)  4.27

02-Can't Get It Out Of My Head (Extended Version)  5.34

03-Cold Feet (Rebuilt)  3.06

04-Don't Bring Me Down (Extended Classic Down Down Mix)  6.33

05-Eldorado Overture (Extended Version)  3.36

06-I'm Alive (Forever Mix)  8.02

07-Long Black Road (DJM Re-edit)  7.00

08-One Summer Dream (Extended Version)  8.53

09-Secret Lives (Extended Mix)  5.09

10-Secret Messages (Instrumental Mix)  6.09

11-Shangri-La (Remix 2000)  1.50

12-Showdown (Fingerman Edit)  7.14

13-State Of Mind (Extended Version)  4.14

14-The Bouncer (Extended Version)  7.14


ELO Remixes Vol. 7

01-Believe Me Now (E-Mix)  5.40

02-Danger Ahead (A Secret Version)  4.04

03-Don't Bring Me Down (Dj Lucky Remix)  6.39

04-Evil Woman (Rare Mix)  4.46

05-Heaven Only Knows (Extended Mix)  4.48

06-Last Train To London (Extended Version)  5.26

07-On The Run (BR Alternate Version)  5.07

08-Point Of No Return (Extended Mix)  5.58

09-Prologue (Xennt Mix)  1.55

10-Send It (Extended Mix)  4.05

11-Shine A Little Love (PBS-BWX Mix)  3.47

12-Showdown (Instrumental Mix)  4.19

13-Surrender (Remix)  2.39

14-Sweet Talkin' Woman (Chris' Disco Mix)  5.04

15-The Fall (Dragon Mix)  6.14

16-Time After Time (After Time BWX Mix)  4.52


ELO Remixes Vol. 8

01-Do Ya (QH Def Jef Edit)  1.53

02-Don't Bring Me Down (Unreleased Maxi Version)  6.44

03-Fire On High (The Lost Project Remix)  4.14

04-Is It Alright (Extended Mix)  5.05

05-Midnight Blue (Ultratraxx)  5.05

06-Mr. Blue Sky (SE) (Doc Adam Edit)  2.38

07-Need Her Love (Ultrasound)  8.07

08-On The Run (Ultratraxx)  5.27

09-Ordinary Dream (BWX Lost Mix '06)  3.28

10-Showdown (Colur Remix)  5.27

11-So Serious (BWX Brings Back The Orchestra Mix 2006)  3.00

12-Strange Magic (ReDrum) (Doc Adam)  4.10

13-Summer And Lightning (Spiral Tribe Extended V2)  6.35

14-Wishing (Longer Version)  5.58


ELO Remixes Vol. 9

01-Buildings Have Eyes (Fantasy Hart Mix)  6.13

02-Calling America (Hardys Mix)  7.39

03-Don't Bring Me Down (Storm Edit)  4.46

04-Evil Woman (Extended Version)  6.09

05-Hello My Old Friend (Radio Edit)  5.02

06-Jungle (Tarzan Mix)  4.52

07-Latitude 88 North (Lost Planet Mix)  8.23

08-Midnight Blue (Spiral Tribe Extend V2)  6.31

09-Mr. Blue Sky (Live Remix)  3.38

10-Shine A Little Love (Unreleased Extended Version)  7.00

11-The Way Life's Meant To Be (New Mix)  4.41

12-Turn To Stone (Remix)  4.14

13-When Time Stood Still (Subs Random Mix)  4.04


ELO Remixes Vol. 10

01-10538 Overture (Acoustic Stripped Back Mix)  5.30

02-Don't Bring Me Down (BMX 3 Mix)  4.16

03-Endless Lies (Special Mix)  5.06

04-Evil Woman (Discomendments Shard End Re-touch Mix)  5.06

05-Fire On High (X - Twist Mix)  6.12

06-Long Black Road (Timebeats Mix)  2.34

07-Look At Me Now (DJ Escape Remix)  4.08

08-Midnight Blue (DJ Digoyskie Mix)  5.32

09-Mr. Blue Sky (Isx Remix)  3.53

10-Rock'n'Roll Is King (Original Rework Retro Remix)  4.26

11-Shine A Little Love (Spiral Tribe Extended Edit)  7.00

12-Sorrow About To Fall (Efimenko Remix)  4.03

13-Standin' In The Rain (Storm Mix)  4.09

14-Ticket To The Moon (Jekas B Remix)  2.26



ELO Remixes Vol. 11

01-Dirty To The Bone (Guly Extended Mix)  4.16

02-Don't Bring Me Down (DJ Beats Mix)  4.28

03-Evil Woman (ADN Extended Edit)  5.54

04-Fire On High (DJ Twistah Remix)  2.41

05-From The End Of The World (Party Re-Edit)  7.31

06-Last Train To London (DJ Virtual Mix)  5.50

07-Latitude 88 North (Lost Planet Mix)  8.23

08-Letter From Spain (Thearthur Remix)  6.39

09-Mr. Blue Sky (Core Mix)  4.10

10-Rock'n'Roll Is King (Extended Fabmix)  4.15

11-Shine A Little Love (Chris' Disco Mix)  6.38

12-Showdown (Misterlong Disco Rework)  5.19

13-Ticket To The Moon (Barry Remix)  1.51

14-Xanadu (Extended 2009 Mix)  5.58


ELO Remixes Vol. 12

01-All Over The World (Melmac Remix)  4.02

02-Don't Bring Me Down (Extended Fabmix)  5.33

03-Evil Woman (InnerWestSoul Remix)  7.46

04-Letter From Spain (OK Ikumi Edit)  4.12

05-Rock'n'Roll Is King (DJ Oz Extended Mix)  6.34

06-Showdown (Fingerman Edit)  7.13

07-Strange Magic (Magic Remix)  2.48

08-Telephone Line (DJ Hotwings Mix)  3.49

09-The Fall (Esta Mix)  4.18

10-The Whale (Grooveblaster Remix)  3.21

11-Ticket To The Moon (Lukmuk Gypsy Mix)  5.44

12-Turn To Stone (Mix Version)  5.11

13-When Time Stood Still (Project 77 Remix)  4.08

14-Xanadu (Extended Mix)  4.53