ELO Cover Versions Vol. 1

01-Aneurin Barnard & Danielle Branch - Strange Magic  3.28  (Album 'Hunky Dory')

02-Asia - Showdown  4.49  (Album 'Archiva 2')

03-Big Paulus - Mr. Blue Sky  3.51  (Album 'The Big Rip-Off')

04-Brave Saint Saturn - Here Is The News  3.44  (Album 'Anti-Medirian')

05-Cat Fight - Xanadu  3.10  (Album 'Hits In Punk')

06-Count Dee's Dancesport Unlimited - Livin' Thing  3.30  (Album 'Pop Goes Ballroom Tango')

07-David Hallyday - Don't Bring Me Down  3.09  (Album 'On The Road')

08-Def Leppard - 10538 Overture  4.33  (Album 'Yeah!')

09-Drowning By Numbers - Evil Woman  3.42  (Album 'Lose Control')

10-Fausto Papetti - Need Here Love  4.01  (Album '29' Raccolta')

11-Fountains Of Wayne - Can't Get It Out Of My Head  3.54  (Album 'Sink To The Bottom')

12-Hermes House Band - All Over The World  3.46  (Album 'Get Ready to Party')

13-Jack And White feat. Fitz - Telephone Line  4.30  (EP 'Undercover')

14-Joachim Horn - Verloren (Confusion)  3.24  (Single 'Verloren')

15-Moods For Moderns - Do Ya  3.53  (Album 'Loud & Clear')

16-Piersi - On nie jest cham (Don't Bring Me Down)  2.58  (Album 'My juz sa amerykany')

17-TeenCats - Rock'n'Roll Is King  2.57  (Album 'Past and Present')

18-Teresa Ennis - Can't Get It Out Of My Head  2.53  (Album 'Space')


ELO Cover Versions Vol. 2

01-AXXIS - Don't Bring Me Down  4.00  (Album '2012 reDISCOver(ed)')

02-Bigfellas - Mr. Blue Sky  3.54  (Album 'Chubbed Up')

03-Carl Rusk - Can't Get It Out Of My Head  4.01  (Album 'Blue Period')

04-Creedsight - Evil Woman  4.25  (Album 'Planet Two')

05-Frost - Here Is The News  3.56  (Website)

06-John Wayne Shot Me - Calling America  3.07  (EP 'Let Sleeping Monsters Sleep')

07-Jukebox Zeros - Rockaria!  2.55 (Album 'Rock & Roll Ronin')

08-Lasse Edin & The Outsiders - Summer and Lightning  3.53  (Album 'Unounded Land')

09-Marachi - Last Train To London  4.02  (Album 'Niu Marachi Rock')

10-MrMaxey - Ma-Ma-Ma Belle  3.03  (Album 'Rocking to the End')

11-Northern Kings- Don't Bring Me Down  4.02  (Album 'Reborn')

12-Odia Coates - Showdown  3.44  (Single 'Showdown')

13-Peter Orloff - Der Andere (The Way Life's Meant To Be)  3.52  (Album 'Schlager Party')

14-Ray Hamilton Orchestra - Hold On Tight  3.02  (Album 'The Best of the 80's')

15-Sharleen Spiteri - Xanadu  3.27  (Album 'The Movie Songbook')

16-Ten Sharp - Livin' Thing  4.12  (Album 'Roots (Live)')

17-Triple Fast Action - Mr. Blue Sky  4.37  (Album 'Outtakes & B-sides')

18-Velvet Revolver - Can't Get It Out Of My Head  3.57  (Album 'Libertad')


ELO Cover Versions Vol. 3

01-Ace Frehley - Do Ya  3.47  (Album 'All Over The Wirld')

02-Breeze - Mr. Blue Sky  3.51  (Album 'If Only We Were Famous')

03-Burn - Don't Bring Me Down  3.23  (Album 'Burn I')

04-Cagey Strings - Roll Over Beethoven  5.42  (Album '25 Jahre Rock'n'Roll')

05-Craig Payne - Telephone Line  4.35  (Album 'Once Upon And Long Ago')

06-Dannii Minogue - Xanadu  5.44  (Album 'Club Disco')

07-Darren Hayes - Strange Magic  3.50  (Album 'Ella Enchanted')

08-Friends Of The Stars - Showdown  3.55  (Album Digital')

09-Glenn Paul Lancon - Can't Get It Out Of My Head  3.23  Album 'Family Tree')

10-Gothik Toyz - 10538 Overture  4.24  (You Tube)

11-Headlong - Evil Woman  4.19  (Album 'Close Enough For Now')

12-Liisi Koikson - All Over The World  4.06  (Album 'The Gemini Diaries')

13-Os Daltons - Rock'n'Roll Is King  3.20  (Album 'Daltons 13')

14-Stefan Hallberg - Bring mich nicht um (Don't Bring Me Down)  3.48  (Single 'Bring mich nicht um')

15-The Beautiful South - Livin' Thing  3.13  (Album 'Golddiggas, Headnodders and Pholk Songs')

16-The Delgados - Mr. Blue Sky  5.27  (Album 'The Complete BBC Peel Sessions')

17-The Joint Chiefs Of Detroit - Can't Get It Out Of My Head  3.52  (Promo Demo)

18-Will. I. Am - Over (It's Over)  4.02  Album 'Mustb 21')


ELO Cover Versions Vol. 4

01-Candyheads - Mr. Blue Sky  3.07  (Single 'Falling Down')

02-Carl Wayne - Midnight Blue  5.08  (Single 'Deeper Than Love')

03-Chad Savages - Four Little Diamonds  4.24  (Album 'Under the Coverseat')

04-Donna Loren - Don't Bring Me Down  4.14  (Album 'Love It Away')

05-Elektel - Xanadu  4.11  Album 'Bit Stream Lounge')

06-Erik Norlander - Ocean Breakup_King Of The Universe  7.10  (Album 'Hommage Symphonique')

07-Forrest - Do Ya, Do Ya Want My Love (Do Ya)  3.22  (Single 'Do Ya Want My Love')

08-Jody Raffoul - Can't Get It Out Of My Head  3.45  (Album 'Like A Star')

09-Karen Brooks - Showdown  2.46  (Album 'Hearts of Fire')

10-Marcella Bella - Mi mancherai (Don't Walk Away)  3.26  (Single 'Mi mancherai')

11-Matthew Sweet - Livin' Thing  3.36  (Album 'My Name Is Earl')

12-Montee - Secret Messages  3.49  (Studio recording)

13-Naked Name - Telephone Line  4.17  (Album 'Without You Love Rockers Songs')

14-Op L Bastards - Don't Bring Me Down  4.40  (Single 'Don't Bring Me Down')

15-Pain - Here Is The News  3.55  (Album 'Psalm of Extinction')

16-Phil Bates - Evil Woman (Electric Night Version)  4.28  (Album 'A Little Light on a Electric Night')

17-Silent Rage - Can't Get Her Out Of My Head (Can't Get It Out Of My Head)  3.50  (Album 'Don't Touch Me There')

18-The Surfbreakers - Mr. Blue Sky  3.23  (Album Summer Cruising')


ELO Cover Versions Vol. 5

01-Aneurin Barnard - Livin' Thing  4.22  (Album 'Hunky Dory')

02-Clifters - Kahta naista ei voi rakastaa (Can't Get It Out Of My Head)  4.19  (Single 'Pirun kaunis nainen')

03-Dynamik - Don't Bring Me Down  3.50  (Album 'Now In Color')

04-Elmer Goodbody Jr. - Do Ya  3.10  (Single 'Do Ya')

05-Five Iron Frenzy - Sweet Talkin' Woman  3.18  (EP 'Quantity Is Job')

06-Gigantor - Mr. Blue Sky  3.03  (Single 'Mr. Blue Sky')

07-Grandaddy - Mission (A World Record)  3.48  (Album '4 Track Trash')

08-Hit Crew - Evil Woman  3.18  (Album '30 Greatest Classic Rock')

09-Instrumental Music - Can't Get It Out Of My Head  4.03  (Album Nights In White Satin')

10-Javier Alvarez - Xanadu  3.18  (Album 'Grandes Exitos')

11-Jiri Schelinger - Tak Nehraj Dal (Don't Bring Me Down)  3.06  (Album 'Jsem Svitani')

12-Lana Lane - When Time Stood Still  5.44  (Album 'Ballads of the Time')

13-Monk Higgins - Showdown  4.41  (Album 'Dance to the Disco Sax')

14-Pale Blue Jak - Mr Blue Sky  3.30  (Album 'Faces')

15-Rebels Revenge - Rock'n'Roll Is King  2.39  (Album 'Revenge of the Rockers')

16-Scarlet Blonde - Here Is The News  4.07  (Album 'Acerbic...A Loose Concept')

17-Scott Lindley - Getting To The  4.26  (Album 'Live The Dream')

18-Spartan Feels - Another Heart Breaks  3.40  (Album 'Parkway')


ELO Cover Versions Vol. 6

01-Anthony D'Amico - Last Train To London  4.51  (Album 'Blue Skies Alive')

02-ApologetiX - Don't Bring Me Cows (Don't Bring Me Down)  4.09  (Album 'Recovery')

03-Dancelife Studio Orchestra - Livin' Thing  3.15  (Album 'Do You Remember This 2')

04-Girl Talk - Mr. Blue Sky  1.24  (Album 'Let It Out')

05-John Fox and His London Studio Orchestra - Strange Magic  3.32  (Album 'Volume Two')

06-La Onda Vaselina - El Rock es el rey (Rock'n'Roll Is King)  3.16  (Album 'La Onda Vaselina 2')

07-Leo Minor - Don't Bring Me Down  3.58  (Single 'Sudden Death City/Don't Bring Me Down')

08-Lightspeed Champion - Xanadu  3.46  (Album 'Tell Me What It's Worth')

09-Little Thief - Evil Woman  6.12  (Single 'Evil Woman')

10-M80 - Do Ya  3.41  (Album Look Forward')

11-Phil Bates - Showdown  5.50  (Album 'Naked')

12-Silverwood Quartet - Can't Get It Out Of My Head  4.10  (Album 'The Classic Rock Album ')

13-Sphere Lazza - 10538 Overture  5.02  (Album 'All Over The World')

14-Stephen Lawrenson - Summer And Lightning  5.08  (Album 'Glad It's Christmas')

15-Sweet William - Here Is The News  4.02  (Recorded At Sonicstudio)

16-The Bellyachers - Telephone Line  4.54  (Album '300 Letters To God Found In The Atlantic')

17-The Spinto Band - Mr. Blue Sky  3.29  (Album 'Peace')

18-Transatlantic - Can't Get It Out Of My Head  4.42  (Album 'Kaleidoscope')


ELO Cover Versions Vol. 7

01-Diplomats feat. Juelz Santana - Santana's Town Part II (Dreaming Of 4000)  3.38  (Album 'Dipset More Than Music, Vol. 1')

02-Eve St. Jones feat. Massey - Last Train To London  3.46  Album 'Jazz And 70s')

03-Giuliano Palma & The Bluebeaters - Don't Bring Me Down  3.41  (Album 'Boogaloo')

04-Grandaddy - Shangri-la (Outro)  2.04  (Album 'Just Like The Fambly Cat.')

05-John Fox & His London Studio Orchestra - Can't Get It Out Of My Head  3.10  (Album 'The Radio Recordings Collection Vol. 8')

06-John Miles - Mr. Blue Sky  4.57  (Album 'Night Of The Proms 2001')

07-Lasse Edin & The Outsiders - Steppin' Out  3.28  (Album 'Unoundend Land')

08-Lillian Askeland - Xanadu  3.26  (Album 'Var Beste Ar')

09-Mike Posner - Evil Woman  3.00  (Album 'A Matter Of Time')

10-John Lee Hardee - Can't Get It Out Of My Head  3.45  (Album 'Fortune Cookies Part II')

11-Mucho Mungo - Showdown  2.24  (Album 'Mucho Mungo Covers')

12-NAHT - Yours Truly, 2095  3.14  (Album 'A Strange Stroke Of Fate')

13-Phil Bates - Hold On Tight  3.44  (Album 'Writting Of The Wall')

14-Seventy Six - Don't Bring Me Down  3.53  (Album 'Gone Is Winter')

15-The Art Of Self Defense - Telephone Line  4.39  (Album 'The Devil Every 16ft.')

16-The Segue Sisters - Mr. Blue Sky  3.29  (You Tube)

17-The Studio Sound Ensemble - Livin' Thing  3.31  (Album '99 Summer Party Songs')

18-Richard Thomas - One Summer Dream  4.54  (You Tube)


ELO Cover Versions Vol. 8

01-Graham Bonnet - Whisper In The Night  3.48  (Single 'Whisper In The Night/Rare Specimen')

02-Green Street Green - Don't Bring Me Down  3.17  (Album 'High Diver')

03-Hans Matheson - Live For Today (10538 Overture)  3.32  (Album 'Still Crazy')

04-John Paul White - Can't Get It Out Of My Head  4.00  (Album 'Music from the O.C. Mix 6 Covering Our Tracks')

05-Jonas - Mr. Blue Sky  4.06  (Album 'Monster Contens')

06-Lounge-O-Leers - Xanadu  3.18  (Album 'Experiment In Terror')

07-Marco Rocco - Strange Magic  4.13  (Album 'Synthesizers Cafe')

08-MegaAfonia - Telediario (Here Is The News)  4.17  (Album 'Despechado')

09-Nathan Nail - Do Ya  3.52  (Album 'Songsmiths')

10-Parallax Project - Telephone Line  5.20  (Album 'I Hate Girls')

11-Sexton Blake - Evil Woman  4.50  (Album 'Plays The Hits')

12-Stereo Jesus - Mr. Blue Sky  3.54  (Album 'Rock and Roll')

13-Streaplers - Är Det Så Här Det Ska Bli? (The Way Life's Meant To Be)  4.37  (You Tube)

14-Sweet Release Music Kids - Livin' Thing  3.02  (Album 'Juice')

15-Ted Herold - Rock'n'Roll Is King  3.07  (Album 'Rock'n'Roll Is King')

16-The Laureates - Don't Bring Me Down  3.46  (Year of the Covers')

17-The Silent League - Can't Get It Out Of My Head  4.26  (Album 'But You've Always Been the Caretaker')

18-The Staples - Showdown  3.54  (Album 'Unlock Your Mind')


ELO Cover Versions Vol. 9

01-Brave Saint Saturn - Here Is The News (ELO Style Radio Edit)  3.33  (Album 'Anti-Meridian')

02-Classified - No Mistakes (Need Her Love)  3.42  (Album 'Boy-Cott in the Industry')

03-Cloetta Paris - So Serious  2.46  (Album 'Secret Eyes')

04-Dirk Blanchart - Ik Krijg Je Maar Niet Ui Mijn (Can't Get It Out Of My Head)  4.08  (Album 'Schietstoel')

05-Hotel Palindrone - Don't Bring Me Down  3.45  (Album 'Jodulator')

06-Jason Forrest - Why I Love ELO (Daybreaker)  2.00  (Album 'The Unrelenting Songs')

07-Jonathan King - Can't Get It Out Of My Head  3.27  (Album 'Earth To King')

08-Lily Allen - Mr. Blue Sky  3.42  (Album (Alright, Still')

09-Mucho Mungo - Evil Woman  3.32  (Album  'Mucho Mungo Covers')

10-Phuture Cube - Twilight  6.41  (Album 'The Train')

11-Psychotica - Telephone Line (Instrumental)  5.01  (Album 'Psychotica Acoustic')

12-Regine Velasquez - Xanadu  4.12  (Album 'Covers vol. 2')

13-Sido - Goldjunge (Tightrope)  4.12  (Album 'Ich')

14-Status Quo - Don't Bring Me Down  3.56  (Album 'Riffs')

15-Teddy Sullivan - Livin' Thing  3.10  (Album 'Music Machine')

16-Ten Sharp - Mr. Blue Sky  5.13  (Album 'Roots (Live)')

17-Tingsek - Showdown  3.24  (Album 'Too Many Feelings At The Same Time')

18-Versus - Shangri-La  5.24  (EP 'Shangri-la')



ELO Cover Versions Vol. 10

01-Fausto Papetti - Xanadu  3.26  (Album '31a Raccolta')

02-Full Tote Odds - Southern Wind (Showdown)  4.47  (Album 'Place Your Bets')

03-Gustavo Ceratti - Rio Babel (Mama)  4.45  (Album 'Bocanada')

04-Invisible Sun Odyssey - Your's Truly, 2095  3.12  (Album 'I.S.O.')

05-L.E.O. - Don't Bring Me Down  1.54  (Album 'Alpacas Orgling')

06-Mayer Hawthorne - Mr. Blue Sky  2.49  (EP 'Impresions')

07-New American Farmers - Can't Get It Out Of My Head  4.08  (Album 'Brand New Day')

08-Paris Keeling - Telephone Line  5.08  (Album 'Revisited')

09-Patty Pravo - E Io Cammino (Evil Woman)  3.47  (Album 'Tanto')

10-Paul Weller - Changin Man (10538 Overture)  4.03  (Single 'Changin Man')

11-Sato Chikuzen - Last Train To London  4.40  (Album 'Cornerstones 2')

12-Sixt Wave - Strange Magic  4.20  (Album 'It Will Come To You')

13-Sound Of The Blue Heart - Can't Get It Out Of My Head  4.04  (Album 'Beauty')

14-Ted Herold - Gib dein Ziel niemals auf (Hold On Tight)  3.04  (Album 'Rock'n'Roll Is King')

15-The Ballroom Band - Rock'n'Roll Is King  3.49  (Album 'Jitterbug')

16-The Green Future - Livin' Thing  3.30  (Album 'Hey Boy...!')

17-Tufano & Giammarese Band - Nightrider  4.17  (Album 'The Other Side')

18-Yeti Girls - Don't Bring Me Down  3.21  (Album 'Punk Chartbusters Vol. 2')


ELO Cover Versions Vol. 11

01-Andrew Vogt - On The Run  5.10  (Album 'Cats Afoot')

02-Anna Oxa - Questa e vita (Livin' Thing)  4.12  (Vinyl 'Un'Emozione Da Poco')

03-Brave Saint Saturn - Prologue  1.33  (Album 'The Light of Things Hoped For')

04-Bushido - Schlangen (Sweet Talkin' Woman)  3.31  (Album 'Demotape')

05-Earth Quake - Ma-Ma-Ma Belle  7.16  (Album 'Live!! Berkeley '75')

06-Hot Hits - 10538 Overture  3.50  (Album 'Top Of The Pops')

07-Jason Forrest - Jut Jut-Lazer Wahnsinn (Queen Of The Hours)  4.49  (Album 'Daytrotter Sessions, Volume 1')

08-Lanfear - Twilight  3.54  (Album 'Zero Poems')

09-Matthew Parker - Don't Bring Me Down  3.39  (Album 'How I Roll')

10-Matthew Sweet - Do Ya  4.29  (Album 'Live from 6a')

11-Rob J Madin - Mr. Blue Sky  4.03  (Single 'Mr. Blue Sky')

12-Sarah Blasko - Xanadu  3.41 (Album 'Cinema Songs')

13-Scott Weiland - Can't Get It Out Of My Head  4.00  (Album 'A Compilation of Scott Weiland')

14-Soul Hooligan feat. Diana King - Evil Woman  3.46  (Album 'Goldmember')

15-The Minders - Don't Bring Me Down  4.01  (Album 'Bridging the Distance')

16-Tony Rivers - Showdown  4.03  (Album 'Top of the Popper')

17-Twilight Trio - Livin' Thing  3.14  (Album 'Pure Instrumental - Rock It Vol. 4')

18-Volker Lechtenbrink - Nur ein Fremder (The Way Life's Meant To Be)  4.37  (Album 'Herz & Schnauze')


ELO Cover Versions Vol. 12

01-Bezinky - Par napadu (Xanadu)  3.23  (Single 'Par napadu')

02-Charity - Mr Blue Sky  3.54  (Single 'Mr. Blue Sky')

03-Fun Master - The Lights Go Down  3.04  (CD Maxi 'We Shall Dance/The Lights Go Down')

04-Howard Carpendale - Eldorado Overture  1.32  (Album 'Live')

05-John Mueller - Wild West Hero  3.17  (Album 'Romance And Redemption')

06-KDL Allstars - Can't Get It Out Of My Head (Reggae mix)  4.13  (Album 'The Vaultsof..')

07-Larz-Kristerz - Hold On Tigh  2.54  (Album 'Hem till dig')

08-Lettermen - Midnight Blue  4.05  (Album 'All Over The World')

09-Nicotine - So Serious  1.59  (Album 'Liberation')

10-Pijani Powietrzem - Labirynt (Mission (A World Record))  4.21  (Album 'Zawieszeni w czasie i przestrzeni')

11-Project N - Don't Bring Me Down  3.30  (Album 'Apres Ski Megamix 2009')

12-Robert Wells - Rockaria!  3.15  (Album 'The Complete Collection')

13-Russ Bebop & The Roadrunners - Don't Bring Me Down  2.41  (Album 'Down In One')

14-Steve Rushton - Strange Magic  3.16  (Album 'Wizzards of Waverly Place')

15-The Special Ks - Evil Woman  3.59  (Single 'Evil Woman')

16-Three Friends & Friends - Roll Over Beethoven  7.36  (Album 'Soul Sacrifice')

17-Tom Harries - One Summer Dream  3.09  (Album 'Hunky Dory')

18-Wild Flowers - Livin' Thing  3.51  (Album 'Backwoods')


ELO Cover Versions Vol. 13

01-Au Revoir Simone - Here Is The News  2.26  (Album 'Buffetrible Rewind 2')

02-Edyta Gorniak - Ticket To The Moon  2.40  (TV 'Bitwa na glosy')

03-Felicitas Taylor - Xanadu  3.21  (Single 'Miss Supertype')

04-Hate & Oats - Last Train To London  3.50  (Album 'Deliver')

05-Ireen Sheer - Xanadu  3.18  (Album 'Tanz mit mir')

06-Joey k Hitto - The Lights Go Down  3.46  (You Tube)

07-Juliana Hatfield - Sweet Is The Night  3.33 (Album 'Juliana Hatfield')

08-Marc Bocken - The Longest Night (Showdown)  3.53  (CD Promo 'The Longest Night')

09-MegaAfonia - Vivo Al Fin (Livin' Thing)  3.15  (Album 'Alta Atencion')

10-Pablo Montero - Another Heart Breaks  3.31  (Studio recording)

11-Psychotica - Telephone Line  5.00 (Album 'Psychotica Acoustic')

12-Soulweaver - Mr. Blue Sky  3.52  (Album 'Now Thats What I Call A Covers')

13-Sparkle* Jets UK - Above The Clouds (Demo)  4.02  (Demo)

14-Telekinesis - Can't Get It Out Of My Head  2.11 (Album 'Sing Me To Sleep-Indie Lullabi')

15-The Coats - Don't Bring Me Down  2.16  (Album 'The Coats Collection')

16-The Mini Pops - Rock'n'Roll Is King  1.58  (Album 'Let's Dance')

17-The Treatment - Evil Woman  4.36  (EP 'Then & Again')

18-Sapo - Big Wheels  6.00  (Album Snow On The Tracks')


ELO Cover Versions Vol. 14

01-Anthony D'Amico - Turn To Stone  3.52  (Album 'Blue Skies Alive')

02-Chocolate Fashion - Twilight  5.43  (Album 'All Over The World')

03-Choirwood - Rock'n'Roll Is King  2.07  (Album 'Sprately Bagweed')

04-Claude Francois - Sacree Chanson (Telephone Line)  4.24  (Album 'Magnolias For Ever')

05-Evan Rachel Wood & Alan Cumming - Strange Magic  4.16  (Album 'Strange Magic')

06-Frank Chacksfield & His Orchestra - Sweet Talkin' Woman  3.08  (Album 'Sunflower')

07-Gaby Laguzzi - Don't Bring Me Down  3.49  (Album 'We Never Play Live In Buenos Aires')

08-James Last Orchestra - Hold On Tight  1.47  (Album 'Non Stop Dancing 1982')

09-James Last Orchestra - Livin' Thing  1.21  (Album 'Non Stop Dancing 1977')

10-Michael Halsted - One Summer Dream (Final Mix)  5.06  (You Tube)

11-Miguel Angel Zamora - It's Over  4.10  (You Tube)

12-Mr. Clitheroe - Hold On Tight (Latin Beat Version)  4.56  (You Tube)

13-Pop 4 - Telephone Line  4.42  (Album 'Super Hits of the 70's')

14-Pugwash - Mr. Blue Sky  2.48  (Album 'In My Own Time')

15-Quarashi feat. Opee - Mess It Up (Nightrider)  3.45  (Album 'Anthology')

16-Still Fire - When Time Stood Still  4.18  (Studio recording)

17-Sykohed - Don't Bring Me Down  3,21  (MySpace)

18-Todd Rundgren - Do Ya (Alternate Take)  4.06  (Album 'Todd Rundgren's Utopia - Another Live')