ELO Thunder Remixes Vol. 1

01-Alone In The Universe (Thundermix)  5.36

02-Heaven Only Knows (Ultimate Thundermix)  5.46

03-Helpless (Thundermix)  4.09

04-Lonesome Lullaby (Thundermix)  6.02

05-Loser Gone Wild (Thundermix)  6.58

06-Moment In Paradise (Thundermix 2)  4.23

07-One Day (Thundermix)  7.03

08-Secret Messages (Thundermix)  5.29

09-Standin' In The Rain (Thundermix)  7.06

10-Telephone Line (Echo Thundermix)  5.11

11-The Sun Will Shine On Your (Thundermix 2)  4.07

12-When I Was A Boy (Thundermix 3)  3.35

13-Without Someone (Thundermix 2)  5.58


ELO Thunder Remixes Vol. 2

01-Big Wheels (Thundermix)  5.14

02-Blue  (Thundermix 2)  2.43

03-Hello My Old Friend (Thundermix)  7.13

04-Love And Rain (Thundermix)  5.56

05-Mr. Blue Sky (Thundermix)  4.27

06-One Day (Thundermix 2)  5.14

07-One Step At A Time (Thundermix Finale)  4.42

08-Point Of No Return (Alternate Thundermix)  6.03

09-Stranger On A Quiet Street (Thundermix)  4.17

10-Summer And Lightning (Bangkok Thundermix)  4.24

11-Surrender (Thundermix)  4.23

12-Telephone Line (Fix Thundermix)  5.11

13-When The Night Comes (Final Thundermix)  4.21


Thanks Scott


ELO Ultra Traxx Remixes Vol. 1

01-Confusion (Longer UltraTraxx Remix)  5.43

02-Hold On Tight (Longer UltraTraxx Remix)  5.43

03-Livin' Thing (Longer UltraTraxx Remix)  6.10

04-Rock & Roll Is King (Longer UltraTraxx Remix)  5.56

05-Shine A Little Love (Longer UltraTraxx Remix)  8.16

06-Calling America (Longer UltraTraxx Remix)  6.54

07-Mr. Blue Sky (Longer UltraTraxx Remix)  6.08

08-Don't Bring Me Down (Longer UltraTraxx Remix)  10.01

09-Last Train To London (Longer UltraTraxx Remix)  8.25

10-Roll Over Beethoven (Longer UltraTraxx Remix)  7.53

11-Xanadu (feat. Olivia Newton-John) (Longer UltraTraxx Remix)  6.23


ELO Ultra Traxx Remixes Vol. 2

01-Don't Bring Me Down (Longer UltraTraxx Mix)  8.24

02-Evil Woman (Longer UltraTraxx Remix)  6.32

03-Here Is The News (Longer UltraTraxx Mix)  6.41

04-Calling America (Extended Ultrasound Version)  4.19

05-Last Train To London (UltraTraxx Train Mix)  7.24

06-Xanadu (Ultrasound Extended Version)  4.52

07-Don't Bring Me Down (UltraTraxx's Maxi Mix)  8.46

08-Livin' Thing (Longer UltraTraxx Remix)  6.10

09-On The Run (Ultratraxx)  5.27

10-Midnight Blue (Ultratraxx)  7.04

11-Need Her Love (Ultrasound)  8.07


ELO Versus Remixes Vol. 1

01-All Over The World (DJ Colourzone's Drum Dreams Remix)  6.14

02-Do Ya (Medley 2000)  3.54

03-Evil Woman (Postal Mix)  7.49

04-Grieg's Piano Concerto In A Minor (Saturday Night Remix)  3.41

05-In For The Kill (Trapped Mix)  3.38

06-Lonesome Lullaby (On My Mind Mix)  3.34

07-Showdown (Sorrowfull Mix)  6.24

08-Xanadu (Clint's Million Light's Vision)  6.08


ELO Versus Remixes Vol. 2

01-Calling America (Telephone Line Mix)  4.30

02-Evil Woman (LaRCS Mix)  4.32

03-Grieg's Piano Concerto In A Minor (Let's It Run Remix)  5.48

04-I'm Alive (Bruno's Hypersound On the run Medley)  5.37

05-Latitude 88 North (Quick And Daft Mix)  6.00

06-Rain Is Falling (High On Fire Mix)  5.53

07-Showdown (Sorrowfull Mix Version 2)  6.36

08-When Time Stood Still (Ivory Mix)  7.52


ELO ASH-II Remixes

01-ASH-II Intro  5.00

02-Alright (ASH-II Mix)  3.16

03-Poor Boy (The Greenwood) (ASH-II Mix)  3.01

04-Steppin' Out (ASH-II Mix)  4.53

05-Ordinary Dream (ASH-II Mix)  3.27

06-Big Wheels (ASH-II Mix)  5.34

07-Confusion (ASH-II Mix)  3.46

08-Summer And Lightning (ASH-II Mix)  4.18

09-Is It Alright (ASH-II Mix)  3.27

10-Rockaria! (ASH-II Mix)  3.16

11-Latitude 88 North (ASH-II Mix)  3.27

12-Ticket To The Moon (ASH-II Mix)  4.10

13-Xanadu (ASH-II Mix)  3.30

14-Whisper In The Night (ASH-II Mix)  4.53

15-Buildings Have Eyes (ASH-II Mix)  4.02

16-Don't Bring Me Down (ASH-II Mix)  4.38

17-21st Century Man (ASH-II Mix)  4.21


ELO - Out Of Phase Stereo Versions Vol. 1

01-Big Wheels (OOPS and Slightly Re-mixed)  5.11

02-Can't Get It Out Of My Head (OOPS Instrumental Version)  4.25

03-Dreaming Of 4000 (OOPS Instrumental Version)  5.03

04-I'm Alive (OOPS Version)  3.42

05-Midnight Blue (OOPS Instrumental Version)  4.18

06-Need Her Love (OOPS Version)  5.08

07-Rain Is Falling (OOPS Version)  3.57

08-Shine A Little Love (OOPS Version)  4.10

09-Surrender (OOPS Instrumental Version)  2.34

10-Wishing (OOPS Instrumental Version)  4.10


ELO - Out Of Phase Stereo Versions Vol. 2

01-Baby I Apologise (OOPS Version)  3.43

02-Boy Blue (OOPS Instrumental Version)  4.14

03-Don't Walk Away (OOPS Version)  4.40

04-Evil Woman (OOPS Version)  4.18

05-Illusion's In G Major (OOPS Instrumental Version)  2.40

06-Ma-Ma-Ma Belle (OOPS Instrumental Version)  4.04

07-Mister Kingdom (OOPS Version)  5.32

08-Poor Boy (The Greenwood) (OOPS Instrumental Version)  2.58

09-Roll Over Beethoven (OOPS Instrumental Version)  4.34

10-Showdown (OOPS Version)  4.10

11-Xanadu (OOPS Version)  3.20


ELO Last Train To London DM Remixes 98

A1-Last Train To London (DM Remix 98 Extended Version)  5.55

B1-Last Train To London (DM Remix 98 Edit)

B2-Last Train To London (DM Remix 98 Extra Dub)  5.51

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